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by darmokandjalad
Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:20 am
Forum: Random Talk
Topic: Bitburger, Radeberger, Czechvar, Warsteiner, and similar
Replies: 3
Views: 2695

I drink most of these pilsners fairly regularly, because I live in a rural area with very poor beer selection in general and imported lagers are one of the few decent options. All of these beers have ingredients lists on the can, and AFAIK none of them mention anything other than malts, hops, yeast,...
by darmokandjalad
Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:23 am
Forum: LCBO, Beer Store and Grocery Stores
Topic: LCBO Beau's Brewery Feature
Replies: 118
Views: 28642

I think there would be a whole lot less backlash to this feature if the beers were not $10 a bottle... The selection in the LCBO has improved greatly in the past couple of years and to stand and look at the shelves and see the alternatives to the Beaus release at a much reduced price it's a difficu...
by darmokandjalad
Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:21 pm
Forum: Beer Reviews
Topic: Boxer Watermelon
Replies: 6
Views: 2713

I bought one a few days ago out of morbid curiosity and was able to finish maybe half of the can before I dumped it into the toilet. For the record, I am pretty cheap and have relatively low standards so a beer needs to be abjectly awful for me to drainpour it. I'd say it met my expectations for a w...
by darmokandjalad
Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:11 am
Forum: LCBO, Beer Store and Grocery Stores
Topic: New Arrivals at LCBO & TBS
Replies: 4858
Views: 1140238

I know the general feeling of most of you about Trafalgar....I'm not as hard on them. TRAFALGAR NORTHERN HARVEST Oh, and yes, I did buy one. Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar for taking one for the team. It's really not a bad beer by Trafalgar standards. Standard dark ale (toasted malts, caram...
by darmokandjalad
Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:00 am
Forum: Beer Reviews
Topic: St. Peter's Winter Ale
Replies: 9
Views: 3455

I tried this winter ale a few years ago and loved it, but haven't seen it since. Real tasty and not all spiced up like a lot of domestic warmers. Apparently it's in stock at my local LCBO; I'll have to grab a few bottles while it's available.
by darmokandjalad
Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:32 pm
Forum: Beer Reviews
Topic: Muskoka Harvest Ale
Replies: 58
Views: 29586

Already gone through two bottles of this year's release. While I'm not sure if it's as good as last year's, it's still tasty as hell and it remains one of my favourite APAs. Too bad it's kind of overpriced. Hopefully they'll start releasing this in 6-packs by next year, or even just in regular old t...

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