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Postby atomeyes » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:49 pm

Craig wrote:Not a brewpub. So just a second location.

The location was licensed for like 500 people when it was a club and apparently has a sweet 2 storey balcony on it. This would be a considerable upgrade in size/space for barhop. It's also very close to the old location geographically, so I wonder if the plan is to shut the old space down when the new one is up and running?

the location is quite interesting/odd.
they've been open for around 2 years?
1 year to reno the new space. so that's 3 years into a lease?
most leases are 5 year leases.
i wonder if they were told that plans to tear the strip down for condos is underway.

i also wouldn't be shocked if they were publicly stating that there are no plans to brew there due to zoning changes that have been happening over the years in Clubland. residents may complain if a brewery opens there. better optics to just have a bar for now and, once established, to petition to open a brewery.

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