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Re: Boston

Postby ckoop » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:17 am

Got back from a nice 4 day trip to Boston and didn't really do too many beer-related things as I was with the missus and this was a surprise trip for her. But I did check out Trillium and this place blows the doors off the hype and is a full on legit top 5 ipa brewery for me.

They were releasing a new iipa on the Friday which apparently created a longer than normal line all day, but we got there at around 2pm after lunch with about 30 people in front of us. Probably waited 30 minutes total due to the single line for growlers and bottles (they normally have a bottle only line, but not when they are slammed). I purchased the three different ipas they had for sale and each one was exceptional, I'm talking hill farmstead level awesomeness here. Just smooth, citrus, hop bombs that are in perfect balance and not crazy bitter. Whatever you do, if you're near boston and they have bottles to go, make a trip there. They are about a 20 minute walk from the city centre in the sea port area, so easily accessible from anywhere in Boston.

There's a decent bottle shop next door called fort point market that had a nice selection of local stuff. Also, I may have found a diamond in the rough in the south end that is more of a liquor store with a couple of shelves of beer. Walked in while my wife was looking at a store across the street and was confronted with shelf BA firestone walkers with no limit! they just had stickee monkee and heldorado as well as some of the BA offering from clown shoes. sadly, my bag was fully loaded with hoppy goodness so i could only squeeze in two more bottles, but they guy looked at me with surprise when i asked about limits and told him how the stuff sells out in minutes in WNY. the shop is called the wine emporium on tremont street.
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Re: Boston

Postby spinrsx » Fri May 05, 2017 6:51 pm

Any updates on Boston Bottle shops? What's the best place nowdays? (Aside from th and trillium)
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Re: Boston

Postby rejtable » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:43 am

Just did a quick hit and run for the Canton Trillium location on a Sunday afternoon. What a cool spot! Retail was super quick, no line in and out. Had family waiting in the car, so I didn't get a chance to hit the taproom, but it looked awesome! Seemed to maybe be 20 of their beer on tap, and tons of space around the building to hang out and drink.
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Re: Boston

Postby jeremyg » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:01 pm

was just at Treehouse/Trill/Nightshift this past weekend. beautiful spaces. we hit the canton trill because everyone wanted pours and to see the new space but i've heard from a few people the fort point spot is a lot more chill. the lineup at canton was nuts.

didn't hit up any bottle shops cause i blew my budget at the three breweries but ive heard Bauer bottle shop is the spot to go.

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