Buffalo - Coca Cola Field

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Buffalo - Coca Cola Field

Postby midlife crisis » Sun May 20, 2018 4:48 pm

Went to a Buffalo Bisons game here yesterday. Very pleasant experience from start to finish. The best thing, though, is without a doubt the craft beer selection.

First of all, it looks like Founders has made a deal to be one of the primary breweries in the park as a whole (i.e. not confined to a "craft beer stand"). All Day IPA in tall boys is available all over the stadium, including from the vendors in the stands. I would be ecstatic just with that at SkyDome.

But at the main Founder's stand behind home plate, the following were available on tap: All Day IPA, Solid Gold Lager, Rubaeus, Dirty Bastard (!), and Kentucky Breakfast Stout (!!). Slightly amazing for a ballpark. Due to the need to be able to walk out of there after the game, I stuck to the lower gravity beers. But these are obviously enticing options.

There is also a Craft Beer Corner, separate from (but nearby) the Founders stand behind home plate. It has about a dozen offerings, from Rohrbach, Brooklyn, Great Lakes (U.S. one of course), Big Ditch, 12 Gates and New Belgium (Fat Tire). Plus a cider. Not being a regular visitor to Western NY, there were lots I have never had.

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