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Re: Vermont

Postby rejtable » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:21 pm

Cass wrote:Interesting to hear about Vermont nowadays, although not totally surprised. I was amazed that HT & SOS maintained that level of frenzy for *so* long.

Remember SOS started contracting out (at Four Roads I think) and of course Alchemist opened that new brewery. With the extra volume, new trendy players & other factors (as Belgian pointed out, quality copying), I guess the time has come where demand no longer exceeds supply.

Rejtable, your note about Winooski reminds me of a couple of years back while I was in NYC. I was at the Whole Foods Soho and saw cases upon cases of BCBS collecting dust on the floor. I asked the guy and he said that people just weren't as interested as they were before in it.

It's pretty clear now that demand for Alchemist, HF and others in that area can't ONLY be met by locals anymore. Alchemist, HF and Fiddlehead have been showing up in upstate NY for a few months now. HF has regular taps in DC now, and is quite present in NYC. SOS seems like it's everywhere.

I doubt any of those breweries are too worried about moving all their product just yet, but seems like they are having to at least make an effort now which didn't seem to be the case a short while ago.

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