London, Ontario and Area

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Re: London, Ontario and Area

Postby cratez » Thu May 31, 2018 11:45 am

If you're referring to brewery bottle shops, the best/most exciting brewery in the city is Storm Stayed, located just south of downtown on Wharncliffe. They have a small fridge of bottles and cans with a decently varied selection, but things usually sell fast so I would call ahead to check what's available. Craft Farmacy is up the street if you have time for dinner/lunch and a beer. Toboggan is not too far from Storm Stayed and they also have a bottle shop. I think they recently released their DIPA in cans. Forked River is arguably the second best brewery in the city. They're way out in the east end but are worth a visit. Lots of stuff available in bottles and cans. Anderson and London Brewing are right beside each other and are worth hitting if you have the time, but I personally think their beers are less exciting than Storm Stayed and Forked River.

For LCBOs the best stores are Wellington Road South (White Oaks), Fanshawe Park Road (Masonville), Boler Road (Byron), York Street (Downtown), Wonderland Road South (Westmount), and the new one at Oxford and Wonderland (Oakridge). Hope that helps.
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Re: London, Ontario and Area

Postby wittaker » Thu May 31, 2018 12:00 pm

Thank you Cratez!

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