Ontario will allow restaurants to sell takeout liquor, wine and beer

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Re: Ontario will allow restaurants to sell takeout liquor, wine and beer

Postby shintriad » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:03 pm

Beer Diary,

Today I dropped by Good Cheese at Gerrard and Broadview, and grabbed a pretty great haul.

Currently, they're carrying beers from some relatively hard-to-find Ontario micros. They had offerings from Matron, Burdock, Tooth and Nail, Sonnen Hill, Dominion City (including Sunsplit IPA), Bellwoods (including Guava Jelly King, a personal fave), and even friggin' Badlands!

For the latter, it's just their basic canned IPA, but I've never seen their stuff anywhere else in this one-horse town. So I daresay they have the best takeaway selection I've seen in T.O., plus some fine cheeses (duh), charcuterie, fancy almonds, tinned fish things and other delicacies for the discriminating epicure, like quince jam. (Note to self: find out what quinces are.)

Diary, you may be the only one who knows about this, so please keep it a secret. Also, I think I like Jenna Schnegelberger but I don't know if she likes me back and I'm too afraid to ask. :oops:

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