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FT: U.S. IPA's - IP Ottawa preferred

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:41 pm
by spinrsx
Other Half - DDH All Citra Everything
Other Half - DDH Double Mosaic Dream
Other Half - Green Flowers
Other Half - Nelson + Mosaic
Other Half - DDH Go With the Flow
Other Half - DDH Hop Showers W/ El Dorado
Other Half - DDH OH...
Other Half - DDH Double Citra Daydream
Other Half - All Nelson Everything
Other Half - Party Booster
Other Half - Simcoe Daydream
Grimm - Spiritual Consultant
Grimm - Zonk TIPA
Bearded Iris - Gold Rope
Southern Grist - Mixed Greens
Southern Grist - Process Control
Southern Grist - Juicy Pun

ISO: other american ipas (nothing from Vermont or Canada) - IP Ottawa or beermail. Interesting u.s. stouts also considered