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FT: De Dolle Oerbier Reserva

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:40 am
by D Derry
I just picked up my order from Gleemer. Fabulous beer but I only want a half case (10). So I've got ten to trade. I'd prefer to trade them all to one person. The trade would ideally be, if during the week, in downtown TO; or, if on the weekend, in west end TO. I'd like to trade it for some barley wines and/or quads--some straight Oerbiers as part of the trade would be fine. Please send me a pm if you are interested.

Re: FT: De Dolle Oerbier Reserva

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:48 am
by D Derry
The trades offers I'm getting are for less than ten, which is fine, so if people want to trade for just a couple of these, feel free to contact me.