ISO: Stone Enjoy By FT: some stuff

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ISO: Stone Enjoy By FT: some stuff

Postby munrets » Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:39 pm

Hi all,

Premier sold out of Enjoy By 09.13.13 the other day and I had really hoped to zip over and grab a few but no such luck.

Anyone in Toronto wish to trade one away? I have few things that might be interesting: this year's Parabola, a 2013 Fifty Fifty Eclipse (can't remember which wax colour at the moment), Oude Gueuze Tilquin a L'Ancienne, a 120 Minute from each of the past two years, and I still have a bottle of Bring Out Your Dead. Also a Deus and a bottle of the Chimay Spéciale Cent Cinquante that sold out so quickly.

So if someone is interested, please PM me.

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