Islenskur Urvals Pils and Stout

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Islenskur Urvals Pils and Stout

Postby Swordsman » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:19 am

A friend of mine was recently in Iceland and brought me back 4 beers to try. I had two of them this week-end

Islenskur Urvals Pils: It is Icelands very first Certified organic beer. A very nice hoppy pilsner with a quick bitter finish.

Islenskur Urvals Stout: A very slight aroma with a slight coffee presence. Although the alcohol is listed at 5.8% APV, this is not a heavy beer to drink. From the taste and feel, I would have put it at 4%, which makes this a fairly dangerous beer as it is very drinkable and tastes like you could have a few.

Fun to note: I did some research on Icelandic beer and was shocked to discover that from 1915 to 1989, there was a ban on beer. Liquor could be bought and consumed but not beer. Interesting that a pub opened in the 1980's that sold fake beer. It was a non-alcoholic beer mixed with a 40% potato liquor. When a politician tried to pass a law banning this practice, everyone realized how ridiculous the law was and overturned it on March 1, 1989. March 1rst is now celebrated as Beer Day in Iceland.
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