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Re: spectrum now missing its low end

Postby seangm » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:58 pm

Belgian wrote:
Tapsucker wrote:I had their Kellerbier at Bar Hop last night... I hope they continue to tune this one up...

Ahh the Momiji. Will have to see what's in cans at the shop right now.
midlife crisis wrote:
ChrisK wrote:... seems like solid sessionable beers are what Bim is aiming for.

Albeit, served in smaller glasses that are normally associated with sours, saisons and higher abv beers generally. But it's a minor point...

At BeerBistro yesterday we were discussing the lack of half-liter or pint sizes generally nowadays - though there WERE a good handful there eg. Side Launch, Hacker, and Shillow Sass on the Side which sort of HAVE to be sold in classic format. Not all the 'session' beers out there are in wussy 300-400ml sizes. I definitely agree the portion size should be a trade off of other factors like gravity, ABV, flavor impact / diluteness, sippability etc.
I even resent paying $8.00 for a pint of Wellington Arkell bitter I can down in about five minutes, it's mostly water and should be very reasonable & enjoyed in quantity. The steep pricing is a disservice to the existence and appeal of those easier-going styles.

I've found myself significantly cutting back the frequency with which I go out for beers for this reason. I get that the price of everything is rising, but I find it hard to justify the cost drinking out nowadays. Personally I enjoy having a pint on my porch enough that the extra charge to go out is rarely worth it. At $3.25~ or so a glass it's hard to beat.
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Re: Godspeed Brewery

Postby Belgian » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:17 pm

Tapsucker sorta wrote:I had their Kellerbier / disappointed/ too hoppy and heavy bodied / Or perhaps just the wrong hops.

The hops do have a bit of herbal-medicinal dryness. There's a note of toffee-like sweetness. Very dry grassy finish, leafy almost a bit like willow bark! A bit unfiltered, unexpectedly dark perhaps necessary for the desired malt flavor choice. What if they aged it more? Kellerbier is meant to be well-aged, I wonder how the cans would hold up if I kept a few for half a year.

I agree this could use some better integration depending on what you were going for. The body might be too delicate and alefruity for the hops. It does have a fresh 'country beer' character. With a salty Laugenbrezel or some roast pork & potato dumplings this might play better than by itself.

* Bonus info * they are expecting to can the Smoked Porter soon.
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Re: Godspeed Brewery

Postby Tapsucker » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:34 am

Belgian wrote: What if they aged it more? Kellerbier is meant to be well-aged, I wonder how the cans would hold up if I kept a few for half a year.

I brew my own Kellerbier in Feb/March and lager it in kegs until summer. I add some oak chips, as this style was historically kept in oak casks. I lager at basement temp (~17c). The kegs are obviously light proof as would be cans. I should also add, before lagering, I give the beer a good long secondary fermentation of about 4-6 weeks.
The oak chips help filter some of the yeast out. This style is intended to be unfiltered, but a bit of clean up helps with a cleaner flavour and better stability. I cold crash at the end of lagering and transfer to a clean keg to serve and that gets a result I really like.

The lagering really rounds out the lager yeast as it is intended to and tends to help the beer taste more refined, so It might help with balance, but I don't think it would sort out the issues I tasted with malt and hops in their example. The oak, however, might help, but probably by masking it rather than conditioning it.
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Re: Godspeed Brewery

Postby jp_jkl » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:40 am

Godspeed's collab with Brasserie de la Senne from the Witchstock weekend is out - Bière de Soif (Everyday Lager).

It's not really my jam, but if you've been trying Bellwoods' collabs from that weekend, maybe you'll want this too.
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Re: Godspeed Brewery

Postby DeMarco » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:46 pm

The Bière de Soif might be my favourite beer they have done. I threw a 1/2 cup in the slow cooker for some carnitas and considering I started drinking this at 9am on new years day I was kinda blown away. I'll need to revisit just incase the hair of the dog was alive and well that morning.

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