Indie Alehouse Homebrew Tap Takeover

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Indie Alehouse Homebrew Tap Takeover

Postby Cass » Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:51 pm

Calling All Home Brewers!
Indie Ale House’s 3rd Annual Home Brew tap take over

Join us for our third annual Homebrew Tap Takeover. Vie for a chance to taste your
beer off the Indie Ale House taps during Toronto Beer Week.

Due to the overwhelming responses over the past two years, we are expanding the
event to include 20 homebrewers, who will submit recipes to be brewed on the
Indie Alehouse homebrew pilot system.

We are looking for all levels of experience. Having brewed before is an advantage,
but if you have an understanding and a passion for beer we can help anyone see
their vision into malty, bubbly reality.

The goal is to have a variety of different beers on tap for the event. We are looking
for some “to style” recipes along with some crazy ones, so don’t be shy to get
creative with a particular style. At Indie Alehouse, we don’t let styles tell us what to
brew; we brew what we like to drink.


1. Give us your name(s), email, and phone number.
2. Submit two recipes you want to brew for the event (see below). Explain
briefly why you want to brew those beers. If you have brewed them
before, tell us how they turned out and/or if changes were made.
3. Send submissions to or drop them off at Indie
Alehouse by Friday June 26th.
4. We will contact the selected homebrewers and set a brew date for you.

How it works

Once selected and scheduled to brew, each homebrewer will brew their selected
recipe at Indie Alehouse with the brewing staff.

Indie Alehouse will provide all essentials – the pilot system, propane, hot water, and
ingredients (subject to availability).

Each homebrewer is responsible for their own recipe, brewing the beer (with
supervision), and its maintenance (gravity checks, dry hopping, racking, etc.).

Brew dates will be subject to timing and availability of fermenter space, as well as
aging times for specific styles.

It is okay to submit recipes that are scaled to any size and in any format. Once final
recipes are selected, we can scale recipes to suit our system.

Brewing guidelines

We encourage all homebrewers to take charge of the entire brewing process,
including recipe development and brewing techniques. Indie brew staff will be on
hand to help along the way, so lack of experience is not a deal breaker.

Up to six hours is required on the brew day to produce 30-40+ litres.
Homebrewers must arrange times with Indie brew staff to maintain their brew. This
includes gravity checks, dry hopping, racking, etc.

The Indie pilot set up – kettle size is 55 litres. Brewhouse efficiency is
approximately 85-90%

Considerations – primary fermentation temperature approximately 20-22 degrees
Celsius. Secondary: 4 degrees Celsius.

Beer will be transferred into a sanke keg post-fermentation and force carbonated.

Other information and the not so small, small print

No lagers, please, due to time restrictions and fermentation temperatures.

Indie Alehouse reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary and has
final decision on all entries.

All beer brewed at Indie Alehouse is the sole property of Indie Alehouse Brewing Co.

All entries must comply with all legal requirements and internal policies of the Indie

Indie Alehouse will taste the finished product to ensure clean, well-made ale. Beer
with major flaws or off flavours will not be served.

If there are objections to these rules, please do not submit for this event. We are
doing this for fun and to showcase the fine beer homebrewers can make.

For more information contact Jeff at

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