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Burnt rubber, over-ripe cheese, and goat...

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 6:49 am
by Chris ... r?mbid=rss

The description of a beer found in a shipwreck ... it was made in 1839-1840 so the flavours may be "a bit" off of the original flavours! ;)

The original tasted of "sweet apple, rose, butterscotch, and clove" from some educated guessing. They've reproduced the beer in Finland

Two beers have been made:
  • Historic Beer 1842
  • Historic Beer 1843

I'd love to try them, ... one reviewer described the 1843 as "It tastes like what I drank from a red plastic cup in college.” So I'm not sure if it is actually that good...

Ratebeer is not kind to it: ... 43/291030/