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Re: Coronavirus

Postby portwood » Thu May 14, 2020 7:47 am

Craig wrote:The LCBO do deliver though, they just do it through Canada Post. They rolled out Foodora for their stuff too, but i think got caught off guard when Foodora left Canada.

good point
as I mentioned, Canada Post is not actually delivering alcohol, they are taking the box directly to post office (in my case Shoppers Drug Mart), which in effect is the same as going to LCBO store to pick up the bottles!
this is a terrible solution for someone like my in-laws (both late 70's). The risk of contact is much greater if FIL has to go to SDM than having box dropped at his doorstep. His "solution" has been to pay one of the delivery companies to drop off at my house in Markham - service not available to Stouffville - then he drives over to get it.

My point is the Canada Post "solution" is itself fraught with bureaucratic landmines - LCBO & CP "have to follow the rules" whereas private companies can bend a little bit given the situation. Example, I've had a box delivered by my local brewery 3 times. They can bend the rules by ringing the doorbell and just leaving the box - technically they have to check for ID, but don't.

Note: I've avoided ordering from breweries using CP (Dominion) since the first week of the pandemic when I discovered CPs policy and had to go to SDM to pick up 2 packages. Local breweries have the "advantage" of being able to deliver locally using "idle" staff they're paying anyway - LCBO could do the same (if not for labour contract restrictions) since they have stores within minutes of the vast majority of Ontario consumers.
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Coronavirus creates cracks in the system

Postby Belgian » Fri May 15, 2020 2:05 am

portwood wrote:
Belgian wrote:This is an organization first / customers last mindset. Their main concern is protecting staff, not society.

I agree with your first point but protecting staff is not a concern for their safety as much as a concern not to piss off the union.

The union is doing their job, and this situation is a perfectly good example of why unions are still valuable - to protect workers!

As any would. The way they are 'protecting workers' is putting public at higher risk, that's the sacrificial move I was pointing out.

And the 'protecting' they do in eliminating half the weekly store hours is I think questionable. They have a bunch of part time staff they could offer more hours, rather than create long, slow soviet-era lineups that pose contagion risks to customers. This is the result of a lot of silly bureaucracy to try to look 'socially responsible.' 6 PM closings are just goofy.

(And of course though nobody has to line up when it's really busy, most alcohol consumers don't purchase planning far ahead.)
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