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Re: Collective Arts

Postby Tapsucker » Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:39 pm

Belgian wrote:
I was just ruminating, where is the big fancy LCBO at Bloor and Bathurst? Not a wealthy enough area? For a statist monopoly it sure has limited locations and limits what it sells very unreasonably at locations that would support better. Why is there ONE LCBO on Queen between Coxwell and the DVP, and it is so tiny? Does this service reflect the bookming residential and commercial scene?

Even the Queen Waverley store is a letdown for the expense and the massive size of the property it occupies, the beer selection is pedestrian despite the large room.

These are mysteries. In a 1KM stretch of Eglinton at Yonge there are 3 stores. Non are special. The area would be better served by one big well stocked one.
Ar the same time, there isn't a convenient BS nearby to drop off empties unless you have a car. So much emphasis on development in the area is to cater to non-drivers, yet...

If Donald Ford really wants to pander to alcohol consumers he should mandate recycling drop off in every LCBO. Same for licensed grocery stores. You sold it, you collect it.
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Re: Collective Arts

Postby Napalm Frog » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:18 am

Napalm Frog wrote:I was in Hamilton and did a pit stop here (I usually just do Fairweather and Merit on my annual visit). I grabbed the 6-pack of the 'Origin of Darkness' series, as it was 6 for the price of 5. These are an imperial stout series, each one as a collab with a different international brewery/restaurant, resulting in different adjuncts. I've become a bit jaded about CA lately, so this was a bit of an impulse purchase to share with family over the holidays. Anyone have tasting notes of these? The White Miso (Wild Beer) caught my eye because umami beers are fairly rare.

To answer my own question, I'm about halfway through and these are decent. Sampled the Miso, Chili, and Lemon/Strawberry variants. The same base of a chocolate heavy porter are shared consistently, and the adjuncts come in at varying levels. Miso was disappointing to me as I expecting a bit more: there was a minimal amount of umami. The chili in the Chili variant was nearly non existent, but the chocolate and honey added a nice rounded profile. Currently sipping the Lemon/Strawberry... It has a nice fruity profile that works well with a porter/stout, and is accentuated as warmed up, but the lemon sort of jumps in a bit too harsh just after the initial sip before mellowing out to a tart strawberry. Sourness can compound on the tongue and turn some people off.

EDIT: These are supposed to be bourbon barrel aged... I taste nearly none of that, easily overpowered by any adjunct. In fact, right now the Lemon/Strawberry is turning into a Starburst taste profile.

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