Kunstmann brewery exclusives @ Erin Mills & Eglinton

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Kunstmann brewery exclusives @ Erin Mills & Eglinton

Postby Urotsukidoji » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:02 pm

Stumbled onto these nine beers at the Erin Mills & Eglinton store, from Kunstmann brewery in Chili.

Only 2 show in the on-line system, but supposedly this is the only store that will sell them, nothing rates too high on rate beer etc., but if ya want something different;


Gran Lager http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/gran-lager/
Gran Doppel-bock http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/doppel-bock/
Torobayo http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/torobayo/
Session IPA http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/session-ipa/
Bock http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/bock/
Unfiltered Lager http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/lager-sin-filtrar/
Honey Ale http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/miel/
Lager http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/lager/
Gran Torobyo Old Ale http://www.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/gran-torobayo/

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