Join the Scene

The Ontario beer scene is a lively one.  In the past decade we’ve seen many new breweries in Ontario producing an ever-increasing diversity of beer styles.

There’s also been a great growth in interest of craft brewing amongst experienced and novice drinkers alike.  The Bar Towel has been a home online for beer lovers for over 10 years.

We encourage you to visit The Bar Towel’s Discussion Forum and join in the conversation about beer in Ontario.  It’s one of the liveliest spots on the web to discuss what’s happening in the local beer scene.

As Nicholas Pashley wrote in his recent book Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada, The Bar Towelhave made beer drinking in Ontario much more tolerable by helping drinkers find good beer and good pubs and allowing us to communicate with one another“. So join in on the fun in the forum today.


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