Bar Towel Radio

Bar Towel Radio is a podcast from The Bar Towel. It features interviews and discussion about what’s happening in the exciting beer scene in Ontario and beyond.

Bar Towel Radio is perfect for beer fans who are just getting into beer in Ontario, or for seasoned connoisseurs looking for some new and interesting information.

You can subscribe to Bar Towel Radio via iTunes or Google Play. You can listen to individual episodes below.

  1. Brad Clifford of Clifford Brewing The Bar Towel
  2. London, Ontario's Brewing and Beer Scene The Bar Towel
  3. Stephen Rich of Cowbell Brewing The Bar Towel
  4. Stephen Beaumont The Bar Towel
  5. Ryan Morrow of Collective Arts and Nickel Brook The Bar Towel
  6. Red Thread Brewing Co. The Bar Towel
  7. Goose Island Toronto The Bar Towel
  8. Michael Hancock of Denison's and Side Launch The Bar Towel
  9. Pete Brown The Bar Towel 39:03
  10. Amsterdam 1870 AK Bitter The Bar Towel 22:18
  11. Upper Canada & Henderson's Repatriated Rebellion The Bar Towel 32:50
  12. Kensington Brewing Company The Bar Towel
  13. Greg Koch of Stone Brewing The Bar Towel 43:01
  14. Mike Shatzel The Bar Towel
  15. Great Lakes Brewery The Bar Towel
  16. Marc Rauschmann of BraufactuM The Bar Towel
  17. Elliott Brood The Bar Towel 23:48
  18. La Quinta Brewing Co. The Bar Towel 08:05
  19. Aaron Spinney of Merit Brewing The Bar Towel 16:12
  20. Last Days of Bar Volo The Bar Towel
  21. Gary McMullen of Muskoka Brewery The Bar Towel
  22. Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company The Bar Towel
  23. Jill Davidson of the San Diego Brewers Guild The Bar Towel
  24. B-Side Brewing Label The Bar Towel
  25. Aaron Champion of Cask Ale LA The Bar Towel
  26. Golden Tap Awards with Ben Johnson and David Ort The Bar Towel
  27. Jacob Sembrano of Cruz Blanca The Bar Towel
  28. Adam Vavrick of The Publican, Chicago The Bar Towel
  29. Jerry Vietz and Sylvain Bouchard of Unibroue The Bar Towel
  30. Jesse Friedman of Almanac Beer Company The Bar Towel
  31. Retail Roundtable with Ontario Brewers Bar Towel
  32. Episode 16: Dave McLean of Magnolia Brewing Company (Recorded January 2015) Bar Towel
  33. Episode 15: Live Brewpub Tour from Chicago's Goose Island (Recorded November 2014) Bar Towel
  34. Episode 14: Live from Goose Island's Black Friday Bourbon County Brand Stout Tasting (Recorded November 2014) Bar Towel
  35. Live from the Beau's Brewer's Battle Royal at Beau's Oktoberfest School of Bock (Recorded October 2014) Bar Towel
  36. Live from Dr. Beerlove, an oral history of Beau's Brewery at Beau's Oktoberfest School of Bock (Recorded October 2014) Bar Towel
  37. Episode 13: Interview with Jeff Baker, Director of Liquid Assets from the Farmhouse Tap & Grill of Burlington, Vermont (Recorded July 2014) Bar Towel
  38. Episode 12: Interview with Phin DeMink and Paul Cain of Southern Tier Brewing (Lakewood, NY), April 27, 2008 Bar Towel
  39. Episode 11: Interview with Brian Morin and Dayna Guy of beerbistro, April 20, 2008 (recorded October 2007) Bar Towel
  40. Episode 10: Interview with Michael Hancock of Denison's Brewing Company, October 17, 2007 Bar Towel
  41. Episode 9: Interview with Lindsey Key of Trafalgar Ales & Meads, October 16, 2007 Bar Towel
  42. Episode 8: Interview with John Romano of Nickel Brook Brewery, October 15, 2007 Bar Towel
  43. Episode 7: 2007 Golden Tap Awards Ceremony, August 19, 2007 Bar Towel
  44. Episode 6: Interview with Karen Gaudino of the Creemore Springs Brewery, July 28, 2007 Bar Towel
  45. Episode 5: Interview with Phil DiFonzo of the King Brewery, July 8, 2007 Bar Towel
  46. Episode 4: Interview with Peter Lopaty of Esprit Agencies, July 2, 2007 Bar Towel
  47. Episode 3: Interview with George Milbrandt of C'est What, June 16, 2007 Bar Towel
  48. Episode 2: Interview with Ralph Morana of Bar Volo, May 21, 2007 Bar Towel
  49. Episode 1: Interview with Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewery, May 9, 2007 Bar Towel