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Innocente Brewing Company

July 11th, 2015 Posted by Brewery News, Feature 1 comment

I knew Steve Innocente (the owner/brewer) in the late 90’s when we were both doing graduate school. I was on his ball hockey team, and although I don’t remember a lot of wins, I do remember going for a lot of beers. Since that time, Steve has done a post-doc studying Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (brewing yeast!) in Scotland, and then returned to open his own brewery. He recently won a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards for his Charcoal Porter. That might lead you to think that he’s a malt man, or given his background you might expect some crazy yeast experiments, but his brews are generally hop-forward, bitter & dry.
The brewery is located on the outskirts of Waterloo, near the RIM Technology Park and Conestoga Mall. They have a ubiquitous 10 barrel brewing system, along with a number of 10 barrel conical fermenters. This small-batch brewing allows the production of a variety of brews, and is probably more similar to a large brew pub than a larger ‘micro’ brewery.
They do have a single 20 barrel conical, which they’re currently using for their Pils-Sinner. And yes, this is a real Pilsner. They start with distilled water, which they adjust to match a water profile you’d find in Northern Germany. Then they use an actual lager yeast (not some speedy hybrid) and also provide the necessary time for it to properly condition. When I had it in June, they were using the old-school U.S. Cluster hops along with Wiamea from New Zealand. I see they’ve now swapped out the Cluster for Mt. Hood, but I suspect this is still an exceptional brew (and probably outside anyone’s expectation for a North American Lager).

The other brew that really stood out for me was the Werk Avoidance. Don’t let the “Patio Session Ale” moniker fool you, this is FAR better than most India Session Ales. At only 3.4% abv, it combines Galaxy, Centennial and Palisade to pack some serious hop flavour. If Dogfish Head did a 30 minute IPA, this is the sort of thing I’d expect!

Continuing the hop theme, there’s the Innocente Fling Golden ale (Challenger & Mt Hood hops), Kazmanian Devil Pale Ale (I’d never tried the Kazbek hop before), Mike Weisson American Wheat (Centennial & Cascade), Innocente Glance Rye Pale Ale (Cluster & Chinook), Innocente Bystander Pale Ale (Galaxy) and Innocente Conscience IPA (Chinook, Galaxy & Ella). There’s also the Inn O’Slainte Irish Red Ale that’s a little drier than most Red Ales, with some Challenger coming through in the flavour.

Breaking from the hops, they have the I’m Not Hefe, Just Big Boned Hefeweizen with juicy bubblegum and underlying banana. Then there’s the Saison Graisseux which has a similar feel to Dupont (often a template for the style), but with a different yeast character and a Saaz hopping that’s readily apparent. While the Collaboration brew with Jordan St. John is also a saison, the Waterloo 1815 is entirely different. It’s lighter in alcohol, but has a little more depth to the malt flavour.

Unfortunately none of the Innocente brews are currently available at the LCBO, but they do deliver to some of the finer beer-centric establishments within Ontario.

Beer Advent Calendars

January 3rd, 2014 Posted by Brewery News, British Columbia No Comment yet

advent-craftFor the second year now I’ve acquired the Craft BeerAdvent (TM) Calendar. In 2012 it was an interesting mix of European brews. A few of them I had already had, but most of them had never been available here. The anticipation and surprise was really awesome, I felt like a kid again! Those 24 European brews currently have a Beer Advocate average of 3.5, but unfortunately a few of them weren’t quite fresh. For 2013, their selection was entirely from North America and the BA average increased to 3.6 (they averaged 3.2 on Rate Beer and 3.5 on Untappd). Freshness was occasionally still an issue and my personal score for these brews was 3.4. That said, I actually preferred the European mix simply because there was a wider variety of styles that aren’t readily available here.

advent-phillipsNow for 2013, December was even more interesting. Phillips Brewing offered their own “Snowcase” Calendar filled with 24 unique brews. Naturally, I put them head-to-head (and kept notes in The Bar Towel forum). These brews averaged 3.8 on Beer Advocate, 3.2 on Rate Beer and 3.6 on Untappd. My personal score for the brews from this case was 3.7. So comparing the two, it was a wash for the Rate Beer users, Untappd put Phillips 0.1 ahead, BA put it 0.2 ahead, and I put it 0.3 ahead.

Given the price point (~$135), I think the Craft(TM) guys could certainly select some better brews for us beer geeks. Perhaps they’re trying to appeal to the general population, but who’s buying these things? I know it was the beer geeks that snatched them up within a few hours in some locations. The Phillips Snowcase was clearly the better bang-for-the-buck (~$60), and I must say that I’m truly impressed that a single brewery can put together 24 brews of this caliber. There’s not many breweries that are capable of doing that, but it would be really great to see a few try. Perhaps someone could offer a “12 Beers of Christmas” (which would be an amazing gift to find under the tree), team up with another brewery, or perhaps the Ontario Craft Brewers could do a “Secret Discovery Pack”? I’m certain there would be a lot of interest.

Looking forward to 2014…

Crannóg Ales & Left Fields Farm

June 26th, 2013 Posted by British Columbia, On The Road Reports No Comment yet

crannog1I spent the last weekend camping at the Shuswap Lake Provincial Park, which was the perfect opportunity to finally check out Crannóg Ales. When they opened in 2000, they were Canada’s first Certified Organic farmhouse microbrewery. The farm and brewery are integrated so well that they produce almost zero waste. The spent grain is used to feed the livestock and also provide compost for the hop yard and gardens. You may have heard of a 100 mile diet, but Crannóg has hosted a 100 foot feast!
crannog3The surrounding gardens support ladybugs, which love to dine on any pesty aphids!

Some homebrewers may be familiar with their Left Fields Hop Store. They ONLY sell rhizomes. I ordered them when I bought my first home in Toronto, and I’ve acquired many more here in BC. If you’re interested in growing hops, be sure to get your order in early as they always sell out.
Inside the brewery you’ll find an eclectic mix of old dairy and brewing equipment. Most impressive is the 12 Hectolitre system which was purchased from John Mitchell (originally installed in Canada’s first modern brewpub, Horseshoe Bay Brewing in 1982).

Their brews are only available by draft, growler or party pig. No bottles or cans. If the brewery grew much bigger, it would probably out-grow the farm.

Greg gave us an excellent tour which finished in their tiny tasting room. I’d say it’s maybe 150 square feet, but one of the coolest little spaces that I’ve ever seen.

A fresh sample of their Back Hand of God Stout was a treat. I’d say this is my favourite dry stout, with Granite’s being a close second.

The Gail’s Blood Potato Ale is an interesting take on an Irish Red. I swear I can taste the potato skins, though I have the benefit of knowing what’s in it. I think it’s very drinkable (I’ve ordered a second pint at a local restaurant).

The Insurrection IPA is an old school American IPA, dry-hopped with Cascades. At 5.4%, some might consider it a session IPA by today’s standards.

This was my first taste of the Bogtrotter Brown Ale, so I went home with a growler. It had a some pleasant cocoa and roasted nut, with just a hint of sweetness showing through the gentile bitterness. Nice hopping on the finish.

Their seasonal brew is a Sahti, which I tasted fresh from the conditioning tank. They used Juniper berries without any hops. I was surprised by the balanced sweetness and body of this tasty brew. Very well crafted.

If you’re ever traveling through Sorrento on the Trans-Canada, I’d certainly recommend booking a Tour & Tasting.


BC Brewing in 2012

January 6th, 2013 Posted by British Columbia No Comment yet

sweaterWhen I moved to BC in 2010, I intended to report on this vibrant brewing scene and post all of the interesting new beer releases. It quickly became apparent that there were far too many, so I started putting them together in monthly updates. It has been a few months since I’ve posted (new baby in the house), but I assure you that this scene is not slowing down.

The Canadian Brewing Awards were held earlier this year, and the BC craft brewers took home an astounding 40% of the awards. Their proportion has gradually increased every year that I’ve been here. Moreover, as Joe Wiebe reports in Urban Diner, the number of craft brewers has steadily increased as well. There were about 40 craft breweries when I moved here, and by the end of 2013 we’ll have close to 60. That’s about a 50% increase!

One the new breweries to watch is Parallel 49. Their head brewer, Graham With, has been experimenting with homebrews for years. Now he’s churning out some interesting stuff. Their regular lineup includes the excellent Hopparazzi India Pale Lager, while recent seasonals have included the sessionable Ugly Sweater Milk Stout and a divine Salted Caramel Scotch Ale.

In addition to all of the new breweries popping up, others continue to expand. The most notable is probably the Central City Brewing Company. They’re finally moving equipment into their new brewery, which will provide much more volume, and hopefully some more diversity as well.

Happy New Year!

BC Beer: July 2012 Releases

July 23rd, 2012 Posted by British Columbia, New Beer Releases No Comment yet

Whistler Brewing has a new wheat beer for the summer called the Pineapple Express. As many brewers are running at full capacity for the summer months, this seems to be last of the new ‘seasonal’ releases… but there’s still some new products hitting the shelf.

Pacific Western has introduced a new organic lineup called Scandal Brewing. They’ve launched with an Ale and a Lager.

Russell Brewing is celebrating their 17th anniversary with a Barrel Aged Scotch Ale. I’m a huge fan of their award-winning Wee Angry Scotch Ale, so I look forward to trying this one!

Tin Whistle Brewing recently celebrated their 1000th brew. Seventeen years ago they were the only brewery in the South Okanagan, and they’re still going strong. The owner told the Penticton Western News that they were looking for a new location so they can expand and start canning as well.

Molson’s Six Pints Specialty Beer Company has released a “Hand Picked 6 Mixed Craft Pack”. Molson has been strangely silent on the marketing front, but the box says:

Two pioneers in Canadian craft brewing have joined forces to bring you this signature selection of distinctive flavours. HAND-PICKED 6 unites three West Coast-inspired ales from Vancouver’s Granville Island Brewing and three traditional European lagers from small-town Ontario’s Creemore Springs Brewery. It’s a unique collaboration that lets you discover some of our country’s finest award-winning beers.

The “Hand Picked 6” is currently available at the LCBO as well as BC Liquor stores. There’s already some discussion on the Bar Towel Forum. I like it.

Greg Nash – Halifax Brewmaster

July 17th, 2012 Posted by Brewpub News, On The Road Reports No Comment yet

Halifax is a great town, with a really great pub scene. Cass reported on a few of the establishments back in 2006. Two noteworthy additions are the Hart & Thistle and the Rockbottom Brewpub, both under the hand of Greg Nash. Nash trained at the American Brewers Guild and then spent some time in California before returning back home to the Maritimes, where he has become known for his hoppy creations.

The Hart & Thistle is located at the Historic Properties. It’s right on the waterfront and has one of the best patios in town. They offer a few craft brews and usually have a couple of their own on-tap. While I was there they had the Hop Rock Candy Mountain, which you can read about at The House of Nash. I had a few drinks, and just as I was leaving I crossed paths with Nash. He said he was brewing at the Rockbottom the next day, and that I was welcome to join him.

BC Beer: June 2012 Releases

June 20th, 2012 Posted by British Columbia, New Beer Releases No Comment yet

The summer solstice is upon us and BC has a brand new lager hitting the shelves: Creemore Springs! That’s right, while Ontario has been enjoying this craft lager for 25 years, British Columbians finally get a taste as well. Creemore was one of my seasonal staples for many years, so I was glad to grab a 6-pack from my local today. Despite the diversity of brews in BC, there still isn’t a whole lot of quality lagers, so hopefully this will fly off the shelves! Like Granville Island Brewing, Creemore is part of Molson’s Six Pints Craft Beer Division, so hopefully we will see some more of their great brews. Speaking of Granville Island, they just released a Cascadian Dark Ale, which is also available at the Government Stores. I think this is one of the best brews to come out of Granville. At 6% abv and 45 IBU it’s loaded with Falconer’s Flight hops with some quality malt to back it up. Really great stuff.

If you’re lucky, you might still find a Rick August Russian Imperial Stout from Russell Brewing. Rick was the 2011 Golden Stag Home Brewing Contest winner and Russell produced 360 cases at the end of May (Rick shares some of the profit). Now as cool as this whole story is, the beer is also REALLY great, so I recommend seeking it out. “The recipe uses more than 10 types of malts, two types of hops, a special yeast strain, juniper berries and licorice root. At 10.8% ABV this strong beer is intensely dark and extremely flavourful”.

The relatively new Hoyne Brewing Company has released yet another brew. The Summer Haze Honey Hefe is brewed with honey from the beehives at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. This one is on-tap at the hotel and also available from the brewery and select liquor stores in Victoria and Vancouver.

Also from Victoria for the summer is a variety of cans from Spinnakers! They’ll have the Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale, Lion’s Head Cascadia Dark Ale, Northwest Ale, Original Pale Ale and Ryder Hesjedal’s (2012 Giro d’Italia Champion) Tour de Victoria Summer Ale. Hopefully the canning line will instigate a larger distribution of their excellent brews. They’re working on a couple of new hop bombers as well: Hoptoria (6.8% abv & 80 IBU) and India Session Pale Ale (4.5% abv & 70 IBU).

Need some re-hydration in the summer heat? Or perhaps a Root Beer Float would hit the spot? Well, Cariboo Brewing is making a 0.5% abv. Root Beer!

The next 6-pack from Lighthouse Brewing Company will be TASMAN ALE. According to their facebook page, it’s brewed with “the Tasmanian hop varieties Topaz and Summer along with Motueka and Rakau from the Tasman region of New Zealand. Fresh and crisp, this copper hued ale features distinctive tropical fruit characters, clean and light bittering and a soft malt body. 5% alc/ vol”. New Zealand is becoming a bigger player in the hop market, and I do enjoy their unique regional flavours. With the southern hemisphere’s alternate harvest season, transporting their fresh hops half way around the world does make some practical sense. I’m certainly looking forward to trying this one!

2012 Canadian Brewing Awards – BC Winners

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This year the BC brewers took home 40% of the Canadian Brewing Awards, and once again the Brewery of the Year is Central City Brewing Company.

There’s always some interesting discussion around these awards, and it has already started in the
forums. Has BC reached its climax? Are other provinces rising up? This year Ontario brewers took the Gold & Silver in the American Style IPA category, and a sour beer from Quebec (Co-Hop V, À La Fût) was awarded Beer of the Year! From coast to coast, there’s some interesting times ahead. Congrats to all the winners!

Here’s what the BC brewers brought home:

Vancouver Islander Lager, Vancouver Island Brewery
Hermann’s Dark Lager, Vancouver Island Brewing Co.
Coffee Porter, R&B Brewing Co.
Red Racer ESB, Central City Brewing Co.
Swans Scotch Ale, Swans Brewery
Pale Ale, Yaletown Brewing Co.
Steamworks Pale Ale, Steamworks Brewing Co.
Sungod Wheat Ale, R&B Brewing Co.
Woolly Bugger Barleywine, Howe Sound Brewing Co.
Powell IPA, Coal Harbour Brewing Co.
Central City Imperial IPA, Central City Brewing Co.
Mandarin Orange Amber Ale, Dead Frog Brewery
Dark Snout Bacon Stout, R&B Brewing Co.
Thor’s Hammer Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine, Central City Brewing Co.

BC Beer: May 2012 Releases

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With the May Two-Four upon us, there’s a couple of unconventional wits to enjoy with the outdoors. First up is the Flying Tanker White IPA, which is a hybrid of the Wit and IPA styles. Vancouver Island Brewing told the Alberni Valley news that “Flying Tanker IPA is the first bottle in our Vancouver Island series to be released — we’ve got a whole series of beers tied to Vancouver Island icons planned”.

Second is Parallel 49 Brewing’s Seedspitter Watermelon Wit. This is their first brew, and they’ve launched it just in time for Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Bottles should be available shortly and they’ve got three other brews that will be available soon.

Tin Whistle Brewing Company has released their new Scorpion Double IPA. They’ve been brewing since 1995, so it’s about time they threw some more hops into the mix… and why not make it a double? This was supposedly a big hit at the Okanagan Fest of Ale, and should be available in BC Liquor stores soon.

Steamworks Brewing Company recently brewed the Copper Roof Ale in honour of the Vancouver Sun’s 100th Anniversary. Check out Randy Shore’s online article and video clip with some good discussion with the brewers.

Speaking of ESBs, Driftwood’s Naughty Hildegard is back. This year they’ve returned to Pacific Northwest hop varieties (the 2011 had UK hops), which I believe make this a truly epic West-Coast ESB. Coincidentally, Pope Benedict has now officially recognized Hildegard von Bingen as a saint.

For those in Ontario, the LCBO’s Tree Brewing feature is starting to hit the shelves. This includes the Hefeweizen, Raspberry Porter, Captivator Doppelbock, Hophead Double IPA and the new Hophead Black IPA. This has already sparked some discussion in the forums. Their Duke’s Cider is on the LCBO shelves as well.