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Let’s chat about The Beer Store!

January 7th, 2015 Posted by Beer In The Press, Beer On The Web No Comment yet

Well, today’s been an exciting day for beer, with the surprise announcement from The Beer Store that “ownership” will be offered to brewers in Ontario.  And there’s no shortage of opinions and discussion about it online and in the media.  Join in the conversation in our Forum and chat about The Beer Store’s announcement, and stay on top of what everyone is saying about this development in the craft beer scene in Ontario.

Amsterdam Brewery & Great Lakes Brewery Collaboration a First in The LCBO

April 24th, 2013 Posted by Beer In The Press, Brewery News, LCBO Releases, New Beer Releases No Comment yet

Maverick and Gose_bottle


Amsterdam Brewery and Great Lakes Brewery Collaboration a First in The LCBO

(Toronto, ON, April 24, 2013) – The Amsterdam Brewery and Great Lakes Brewery, two of Toronto’s oldest independently owned and operated craft breweries, are set to release their award winning collaboration beer – “Maverick & Gose” in the LCBO later this month.

Maverick & Gose is a Leipziger Gose Beer that has been aged in Ontario Chardonnay barrels for 4 months prior to packaging. A rare German brew of medieval origin, this 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards Silver Medalist beer is brewed with a mostly malted wheat base, pink Himalayan salt, and spices. Notes of lemon, herbs and a slight saltiness make this collaboration truly unique to Ontario.

What is even more unique about this beer is that it is the first all-Ontario collaboration to be released in the LCBO. Brewers Iain Mcoustra of Amsterdam and Mike Lackey of Great Lakes first developed the recipe for Maverick & Gose in early 2012.

“We came up with the idea whilst playing shirtless, greased up beach volleyball, you know, like in the movie Top Gun, and we thought it would be fitting to collab on this one of a kind beer,” says Lackey. “I’m super pumped to be part of the first Canadian craft beer collaboration that will grace the shelves at the LCBO. It was a pleasure creating this beer with Iain and the Amsterdam crew.”

“We wanted to take an old world style and put our own twist on it by using local Chardonnay barrels” says Mcoustra. “We didn’t want to go over the top with any of the flavours and it’s easy for a spiced beer to get away from you. The barrel brought everything together in the end, balancing out the spices with the salt giving a nice roundness to the finish.”

“It’s always a blast brewing with Lackey and Great Lakes” says Mcoustra of the collaboration. “They’re a big reason why there has been so much collaboration and innovation in Ontario recently and it’s an honour to brew and release this beer with them.”

Maverick & Gose is available for sale in 500mL bottles from select LCBOs starting April 29, 2013 ($6.95) and the Amsterdam Brewery Retail Store (45 Esandar Dr., 416-504-6882).

Amsterdam_logoAbout The Amsterdam Brewery
The Amsterdam Brewery is an independently owned and operated craft brewery that is deeply rooted in the city of Toronto. A pioneer of the craft beer revolution in 1986 and initially called the Amsterdam Brasserie and Brew Pub, The Amsterdam was the first of its kind in Toronto to offer patrons hand crafted lagers and ales that were brewed ‘in-house’. Today they brew over ten different beers including their flagship lager – Amsterdam Natural Blonde, the award winning Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Boneshaker IPA and multiple year-round and seasonal brews. The Amsterdam Brewing Company uses only traditional brewing methods and their beers are made with four all natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast, and water. All beers are GMO-free, without preservatives, and never heat pasteurized.

To learn more about the Amsterdam Brewery visit www.amsterdambeer.com
Become a Fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/amsterdambeer
And Follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/amsterdambeer

GLB-stamp_2About The Great Lakes Brewery
A fiercely independent owned and operated brewery, Great Lakes recently celebrated 25 years in the craft beer business, making them one of the oldest craft breweries in Ontario. Great Lakes specializes in producing flavourful beers that will be sure to tickle your taste buds with each sip. From unique seasonal ales and premium lagers to our Project X and Tank Ten Series beers, we produce a variety of products to be enjoyed by everyone!
Based in Etobicoke, we invite you to visit our brewery for a taste of our award winning beers, including the Canadian Brewing Awards double Gold Medal Winner Crazy Canuck Pale Ale!

To learn more about Great Lakes, visit www.greatlakesbeer.com.
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Ontario Brewery of the Year? Many voices chime in

January 5th, 2012 Posted by Beer In The Press, Miscellaneous Beer News No Comment yet

Based upon a post by Stephen Beaumont about who was his pick for brewery of the year in Ontario, this resulted in a poll right in our own Bar Towel Forums, which has led to further commentary by Troy Burtch on his Great Canadian Beer Blog.  Give a read and be sure to join in the conversation at the forums.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week

March 3rd, 2011 Posted by Beer Events, Beer In The Press, British Columbia No Comment yet

If you’re considering a trip to Vancouver, make it May 6th – 14th. Vancouver Craft Beer Week is returning and it’s going to be “Bigger, Better and with More Beer”!

According to the official press release, it’ll feature 9 signature events, as well as countless satellite events and week-long specials. Additionally, 22 of BC’s finest breweries are creating a collaboration brew that’ll be a Cascadian Dark Ale!

Ticket sales and special listings will be posted at http://vancouvercraftbeerweek.com/ on April 4th, 2011.

Josh Rubin’s Beer Year in Review

December 30th, 2009 Posted by Beer In The Press No Comment yet

In today’s Toronto Star, beer columnist Josh Rubin looks back at the year of beer in Toronto, listing what he views as some of the highlights and lowlights of 2009.

There are notably many more highlights than lowlights – in fact, the only negative mention goes to the lime beer trend that came and went this past summer. On the positive side, Rubin includes several new local beers (such as Creemore Springs Kellerbier and Black Oak 10 Bitter Years); the opening of new brewpubs Les 3 Brasseurs and Duggan’s Brewery; Great Lakes Brewing‘s Caskapalooza booth at Toronto’s Festival of Beer; and the LCBO’s successful gamble on bringing in Ola Dubh 40, which was an instant sell-out despite the $18.40 per bottle price tag.

On a related note, yesterday’s Star included a short feature by Rubin on Duggan’s Brewery.

Beer Retail Revolt Brewing in Ontario

July 14th, 2008 Posted by Beer In The Press No Comment yet

The past couple of weeks have been interesting ones in the Ontario beer scene, as a series of articles in the Toronto Star have led to a lot of vitriol being directed towards The Beer Store, the province’s beer retailing oligopoly which is owned by Molson, Labatt and Sleeman.
The original series, entitled “Bad Brew”, was written by Star business reporter Dana Flavelle, and was spread over four different articles last Saturday through Monday:
The real reason your beer costs more than it should
Cornering the beer market
Small brewers struggle – The hidden story
Ontarians thirsty for answers
The series spawned a long discussion thread here on Bar Towel and dozens of comments on the Star website, with many of those comments being critical of the Beer Store and the big brewers that own it. There were also a couple of follow-up articles in the Star later in the week:
Petition protests beer monopoly
McGuinty has no thirst for beer sales change
Beer monopoly petition grows
The petition mentioned in these later articles can be found here, and has gathered thousands of signatures and drawn attention from numerous media outlets including CFRB, CKNX, CHCH, CBC Radio and CP24.
Also launching in the aftermath of this series was Free Our Beer, a blog from Bar Towel founder Cass Enright that is “dedicated to reforming Ontario’s beer retailing system, from a craft point of view”, and which looks set to become an epicentre for this growing movement.

Beer News Round-Up

February 5th, 2007 Posted by Beer In The Press No Comment yet

Here’s a quick round-up of local beer news & press mentions from the last couple of weeks:
Undoubtedly the biggest news recently was last week’s announcement that Labatt has make a friendly takeover bid for Lakeport that looks likely to be accepted. This has been covered all over the place (including a Canadian Press piece featuring some quotes from yours truly) – this handy Google News search link should direct you to many pertinent stories should you want to read up on the deal and what various people think about it. And if you want to sound off about it yourself, you can join the discussion in the Bar Towel Forum.
In his weekly “What’s Brewing” column in The Toronto Star, Josh Rubin has recently profiled Scotch-Irish Sgt. Major’s IPA, McEwan’s Scotch Ale, Barley Days Yuletide Cherry Porter and Thomas Hardy’s Ale.
Meanwhile, in his “Suds” column in Metro, Aonghus Kealy started the year with an interview with Todd Fowler, brewmaster at the Molson-owned Rickard’s Brewhouse microbrewery at the Air Canada Centre. He followed this up with columns debunking the beer belly myth; previewing Robbie Burns events at The Granite and other local establishments; and reporting on the launch of Guinness Red in the UK.
Over in The Globe & Mail, there were a couple of beer-related articles in their weekend edition throughout January. A review feature on several local winter seasonal beers ran on January 27th (with Stephen Beaumont offering a rather negative opinion of the piece on his website later the same day), and the week before saw an article on beer & cheese pairings.
And perhaps the most interesting of the lot was a Toronto Star interview with Max Nelson, a University of Windsor professor who earned his PhD in classical studies by researching – and brewing – ancient beer.

Holiday Beers and More in Metro & The Star

December 29th, 2006 Posted by Beer In The Press No Comment yet

The holidays are just about over for most of us, so before they’re gone for another year, here’s a round-up of the coverage that Metro and The Star have given to holiday (& other) beers in the last couple of weeks.
In Metro, Aonghus Kealy (pictured) has done:

Over in The Star, Josh Rubin has offered up:

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Petr Janik on Ontario Pilsners

December 7th, 2006 Posted by Beer In The Press No Comment yet

We were remiss in mentioning that in his What’s Brewing column last week, The Star‘s Josh Rubin presented a feature on Petr Janik, brewmaster at the legendary Plzensky Prazdroj brewery, better known in these parts as Pilsner Urquell.
In addition to talking about the brewing process for the world’s original pilsner, Janik also offers his opinions on five locally produced examples of the style: Stratford Pilsner, J.R. Brickman Pilsner, Old Credit Pale Pilsner, Steam Whistle & King Pilsner. He touts the King as his favourite, with the Brickman coming in a close second.
While we’re at it, we might as well mention that Rubin has also recently done write-ups on Wellington Imperial Stout and Bah Humbug Christmas Cheer Ale.
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