ISO: Counterpart Deciduous

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ISO: Counterpart Deciduous

Postby ChrisK » Tue Jun 15, 2021 5:54 pm

for trade I have:
Barncat Sweet Release (bourbon and port)
Reverence Duo, Bayonet, Waffle Companion, and Kona Double Double
Rorschach Malevolent Benevolence (apple brandy and bourbon maple syrup) and Black is Beautiful (coconut cake)
Godspeed Kaede
Bellwoods Double Barrel BOYD (both versions), Motley/Barn Owl/Grandma's Boy vintages, Nanaimo Bar (regular and mint), and Double Barrel Skeleton Key.
Burdock Black Ruby, Sea Barrel 24, and the most recent Orange Wine Saison
Third Moon BA Vanilla Bestowed

I'm also looking for a more active trading community as the facebook groups to which I once belonged got nuked.

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