Beer Trading - Guidelines

Connect with others in the community to make private trades of beer, tickets or other brewing paraphernalia.

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Beer Trading - Guidelines

Postby Cass » Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:24 pm

By suggestion of our community, this forum is to connect people to make private beer trades. Some guidelines:

1. Trading only of "legal" beer - i.e. duty/tax paid or brought in under duty exemption.

2. Everyone involved needs to be 19+.

3. Beer trade only, NO SALES. No money is to be exchanged, this is not for selling beer.

4. If you connect with someone to make a trade, take it to DM or e-mail and work out the details.

5. The Bar Towel is not responsible for facilitation, trades gone bad, dispute resolution or anything associated with private trades.

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