Freeminer Trafalgar IPA

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Postby Jon Walker » Mon Aug 20, 2001 7:19 pm

I know it's been out for a while now but, what with the recent discussion of Hopback Summer Lightning, I thought it was worth reminding folks of this hoppy beer again.

At 6% and 50 IBU's it is a powerful English IPA. I had some in the back of my beer cellar and recently dug back there and sampled a bottle or two. It has an assertive hop nose, a wonderful hazy copper colour and flavour to spare. While the malt coud have a stronger presence I am reminded from my recent sampling of how lush and lingering the hop flavour and finish are (which is surprising for a British IPA made with Goldings hops).

For hopheads like me who struggle to find a good hop fix this beer is well worth sampling. If you've tried it already them I'm probably preaching to the converted but if you haven't give it a try.

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