Friends, how are you doing?

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Friends, how are you doing?

Postby Tapsucker » Thu May 28, 2020 12:56 am

As I recall from the roots of Bartowel, there was a time when we congregated here to share insights into where to find great beer and support those in the hospitality industry that were prepared to help us with our weird niche fetish.

We have been blessed with so many bars and restaurants that have answered our cries. Now I would like to hear the cries of these proprietors, I know there are many of you, many we have come to know as friends, who are struggling or afraid, that have iconic establishments that we love.

How can we help you? What’s on your mind? Some of you have BOP or take out revenue, some I guess not.

I for one, don’t want to imagine a future without your businesses in our community. What can we do? You have helped us arrive at a civilized place of good beer, how do we keep it this way? How do we return the favor?

This thread is meant to solicit input from our friends. I think I’m not alone here saying we give a shit and want to see this work out. Please share your thoughts or vent as we are here for you.

Also, as this is intended to get industry feedback. I will fire off a separate thread where I will encourage the rest of us civilians to root for our favorite establishments.
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