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Beers in Cuba

Discuss beer travel and regional information, including the best bars and places to check out around in Canada and around the world, and other chat that is not specific to Ontario.

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Beers in Cuba

Post by aeroeng »

Other then Cristal and Bucanero, are there any other beers in Cuba??

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Mississauga Matt
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Post by Mississauga Matt »

Mayabe, from Holguin. Same quality as the others I imagine.
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Post by Cagiva650 »

When I used to work the Cubana flights in my hometown of Gander Newfoundland, the flight crews would always give us "Polar" beer from Venezuela. I imagine it must be available in Cuba.
Cubana flight crews were great people :)


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Post by Derek »

Here's Josh's story from a few months ago:

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Mississauga Matt
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Post by Mississauga Matt »

I have to say that one of my best beer experiences was in Cayo Guillermo and the beer was canned dunkle from Rostock, Germany.

I'm not so sure I would have appreciated the beer quite as much at home, but after half a week of lying on the beach and drinking watery Cuban beer, it was an absolute godsend.

I also have an extremely fond memory of lying on the beach in Guardalavaca during low season, where a guy did business walking up and down the near-vacant beach selling cold drinks from coolers strapped to the back of his burro (he thankfully had a little poop-catching device rigged up behind the beast).
Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription ... is more cowbell!

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Bar Fly
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Post by MatttthewGeorge »

Bumping this old thread as I just got back from Cuba (Varadero 2 days/Havana 4 days)

Cristal (green can or draft) - 5% - available everywhere - Generic marco lager, refreshing on a hot day. I really didn't mind it.
Cristal Extra (white can or green bottle w/ white label) - 5.2% - available everywhere - Generic marco lager, somewhat grainer and not as refreshing in the heat. I preferred the green can.
Bucanero Fuerte (red can) - 5.4% - somewhat available - Generic marco lager, maltier and not refreshing. My least fav beer.
Bucanero Max (gold can) - 6.5% - hard to find - Reminded me of the stronger euro imports we get. Enjoyed this for what it was.

Didn't find Mayabe or Cacique anywhere. Local told me they aren't made in Cuba any longer.
Lots of imports I've never seen before, and of course a bunch I have. All lagers.
No brewpub (mentioned in the ratebeer article in this thread) in Old Havana.

I guess I can say that while there were differences between the ratebeer article and my experience (mainly Cristal is now the main beer, not Bucanero), it's unshockingly still a beer wasteland.
Funny enough though, I had an IPA when I got home last night and found it too thick/flavorful, lol. Guess I drank too many Cristal.
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