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Great Lakes

Discuss anything and everything about craft brewers from Ontario here.

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Bar Fly
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Post by seangm »

Amazing, I've been holding out hope they'd expand delivery to Durham Region. Free for the month of April too. GLB's pricing is just so good that it makes up a large chunk of what I drink these days, so this is excellent news.

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Post by distr0 »

Heard about their expanded delivery in the latest podcast. It's *teasingly* close to reaching me now hah

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Bar Fly
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Post by MatttthewGeorge »

distr0 wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2024 1:02 pm Heard about their expanded delivery in the latest podcast. It's *teasingly* close to reaching me now hah
Me too, but on the north side. I complained and was told to move to Guelph.
(keep in mind I complained to my friend who is their sales rep in the area, and I used to live in Guelph so he was just saying I should move back... but still, can you believe the nerve of them?!) :P
I used to sell beer. Now I don't.

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Post by Craig »

I'd be happy to have it delivered to my place in Guelph and hold it for you.

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