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Sparrow brewing

Discuss anything and everything about craft brewers from Ontario here.

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Bar Fly
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Sparrow brewing

Post by sofakingdrunk »

I’m a little surprised there isn’t a thread already on Sparrow. I’ve been drinking their stuff for a couple years now and they’re going from strength to strength. Each time I stop in, they are always quite busy and it’s seemingly become a really popular spot with locals. Turning into a real neighbourhood brewery. As far as the beers go, almost everything I’ve had over the years had been good at a minimum. The one miss for me is the Wander light lager, but I’ll bet it’s popular with the locals. Hero on the Grand is a great English brown ale, and their IPAs are generally hazy and fruity without being too sweet. I think very shortly they may become really popular with the Hazebois.
The Vienna lager is lovely, and my wife really enjoys their fruited sours(not my cup of tea). The ESB I picked up last week is excellent and I need to grab more. I’m hoping it becomes a regular in the fridge.
With Matt from Barncat now on board I’m certain things will get even better.
Their coffee they roast and sell is also pretty fantastic.
If you’re in the Cambridge area, try and stop in. The best brewery in the city by a long way.

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Post by Cass »

Thanks for sharing, I'd never heard of them. But then again, long gone are the days where I can keep track of everyone in Ontario!


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Post by JerCraigs »

I tried them shortly after they first opened and enjoyed it but haven't had the chance for a return visit yet.

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S. St. Jeb
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Post by S. St. Jeb »

Not sure how I had heard of them, but a good chance it was from Canadian Beer News. Sigh.

I made trip to Cambridge in early December 2022 to visit a few breweries but got foiled in my attempt to visit Sparrow by the Hespeler Santa Claus parade that had the road in front of them closed. I’ll keep them in mind and try again sometime.

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Bar Fly
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Post by shintriad »

I did a brewery-hop last December and attempted to hit everything in Cambridge, so Sparrow was definitely on my list. I was pretty psyched to try them, as they consistently top the Untappd charts for Ontario breweries.

While I liked their signature brown ale, I found everything else pretty average. Possible I just didn't pick the right selection, and would be happy to try more.

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Bar Fly
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Post by MatttthewGeorge »

Didn't realize @matt7215 had ended up there, nice to hear!

I have yet to check them out, I shall do so in the future.
I used to sell beer. Now I don't.

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