The Ceili Cottage

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Postby cratez » Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:38 pm

kwjd wrote: I can jog that far in 20 minutes. It is 10 min drive max if there is no traffic. Could increase in rush hour.

Well there was some traffic, we had to wait at several lights, and like I said, our driver diverted down a few side streets in what was likely a purposeful attempt to add distance and $$$ to the tab. But I'm glad hear to it's much closer to downtown than I was led to believe.

For any Beer Advocate members who have been here recently, please get on the site and review this place. It only needs one more rating before it starts appearing on the 'best in the city' list in the Beer Guide for Toronto. Cheers!
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Ceili Cottage Closed

Postby Belgian » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:21 pm

Aaand it's gone. FB


The place was gutted when I just walked by. No yurt or anything allowed, lower winter revenue.
Maybe another casualty of when Toronto doesn't let cool things happen?

Truthfully I find it a bit expensive to go anywhere for just a pint and a burger these days, and Ceili was no exception. But the food was decent, so I made a point to drop in and it's been great for years (after the glitchy first year or so.) I'm sure if Patrick wants to come back strong somewhere in the east end, a certain semi-affluent crowd will always be there for the Ceili.

Can't believe it's 10 years gone!
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