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Discuss beer travel and regional information, including the best bars and places to check out around in Canada and around the world, and other chat that is not specific to Ontario.

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Post by blakee »

thanks for the tip! looks like they have a ton of hopfenstark, that's not their brewpub is it? stoked either way.

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Post by Craig »

blakee wrote:thanks for the tip! looks like they have a ton of hopfenstark, that's not their brewpub is it? stoked either way.
It is. Here's the thread:


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Post by icemachine »

Besides Ho.st, anything else new & exciting in Montreal? Heading up for game 4 next week and will need to get my libation on
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Post by ercousin »

Benelux was pretty good when I went. The best beers I had were from Dieu du Ciel and Benelux.

I went to two bottle shops and pretty sure I got super old beer from both of them: Super Marché Rahman (Paradis de la Bierre) and Veux-tu une bière?

I hear Peluso is the one to go to.

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Post by FEUO »

When I go its always either DDC or Benelux.
Hit Peluso last time I was there. If I have an opportunity to buy bottles to bring home that is where I will be going in the future. Awesome little spot with helpful staff.

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Post by rejtable »

Had a great few nights in Montreal wrapped around an awesome Tom Petty show.

Station Ho.St was very underwhelming on this visit. Friday night between 6-9 pm there couldn't have been more than 10 people in the place besides us. No AC, so the place was like 40 degrees. The heat inside matched his Texas decor. Beers were typically solid, but even with my reasonably limited access to Fred's beers, I think there were only 2 on the lines that I hadn't tried before.

DDC later that night was jammed to the rafters. Love that place, but it reminds me of a trip to NYC. I love it while I'm there, but after awhile climbing over the shoulders of people and taking 20 mins to get to the bathroom drives me nuts. Still, though, part of their charm, I know.

Spent tons of time pre/post show at the BierMarket across from the Bell Centre. Nice to have ok beer options outside the Bell Centre. Food was really good, beer prices and service were not. Also popped into Benelux and the new Brasseurs de Montreal location on St. Denis.

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Post by JerCraigs »

Any recommendations for things to do in Montreal on a Sunday morning/afternoon?

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Post by Tapsucker »

So I'm driving back from Montreal today and on the phone with an ex Montrealer and he asks me where I am. i give him my coordinates and he promptly directs me to these two places which I was just coming up on.

https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Smoke+ ... 67d6a5efcf
Got take out from here and had it once back in Toronto. Very good smoked meat and the sides were awesome. I rarely like coleslaw or the potato salads in these places, this one aces it. Based on the smell of the place I will be going back for their ribs.

https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Le+Gob ... 4f38b3e925
Great bottle shop. Not quite like the fromagerie in Attwater or Peloso, but super convenient. A wee bit pricey, but as I just said, super convenient on the way out of town.

I normally escape via the 40, but when the 20 works I'll be hitting these two places again.
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Post by BartOwl »

This weekend I am heading to Montreal. I will be staying downtown without access to a car. I plan on visiting Dieu du Ciel. Any other recommendations for breweries or bars in the downtown would be appreciated. I like sours, trappings styles, IPAs as and IIPAs. Also, if you have recommendations for interesting and new beers to try while there, I would be happy with some advice.

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Post by Gedge »

You can't go wrong with Dieu du Ciel. Love that place.

Haven't been in a couple of years, but these are personal faves:

Station Ho.st
Brouhaha (Rosemont)
Cheval Blanc
McAuslan - not so much for the beer but the location on the Lachine Canal is really nice on a warm day

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Post by tyler90 »

Went a few weeks ago. Worth a visit:

Isle De Garde
Vices et Versa
Pit Caribou
L'Espace Public

Peluso (Either location)
Au Coin Duluth

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Post by Provost Drunk »

I'll add Le Saint-Bock to the list. Not sure why this place doesn't garner more notoriety; I've never been disappointed by their offerings.

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Post by lister »

I always go to these places:
Vices et Versa
Cheval Blanc
Le Saint-Bock

Rahman (it's near DDC) - check bottling dates though

If you want some arcade experience as well then Northstar Pinball and Arcade MTL also have pretty decent beer available.

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Post by BartOwl »

I am in Montreal right now. Thanks everyone for the tips. With only two days here and a sore foot, I wasn't able to try everything suggested. I was a ble to make it to DDC. There I sampled some nice brews, including my first Kveik beer. It was refreshing and subtle, but I am glad to have tried it.

Next, I went to au coin Duluth, and I procured some interesting bottles from their selection. It struck me that with the convenience store model, how the average depanneure had a way worse selection than downtown Toronto LCBOs. I hope the privatization that is being proposed will bring a system more like Buffalo than Montreal. Still the Beer Store has to go.

Also, I had the opportunity to sample beers at le Saint Bock. A standout was the milkshake black IPA. Additionally, I was able to try some natural wine at a restaurant near my hotel. The glass I had seemed much more concentrated taste than regular wine. If this is a good representation of natural wine, then I suggest people give it a try.

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Post by Belgian »

It's a good thing Quebec has many good breweries because that's mostly all the beer you ever find in Montreal tap bars. Farthest thing from Buffalo, it's closer to someplace in The Twiligt Zone where beer virtually never enters or leaves.

Not that Ontario taps are much less provincial-centric these days, we see the major brewing revolution in the past 7 or so years really gaining momentum. It almost recalls the old (pre-war/pre-prohibition) days when breweries were ALL small for the most part, and now with the newer generations quite eager to drink the good stuff I suspect the big breweries may have no small worries about losing some of their future market.

It's really interesting. I'll have to check out Montreal again soon, no doubt it's still amazing.

Where do you guys find it s good to stay (clean, north of downtown, reasonable price.)
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