Bordered by College St. to the north, Dundas St. to the south, Dufferin Ave. to the west and Spadina Ave. to the east.

Little Italy, as it is known, on College Street from Bathurst westward, is brimming with cool and sophisticated bars and restaurants. Although the area is probably more accurately described as Little Portugal, it is an area full of European and mediterrean flair. The area also houses a great deal of students, due to its convenient proximity to the University of Toronto and the Annex.

College Street West is full of restaurants and bars to check out. Everything can be found here: cafes, lounges, bars, clubs, trattorias, pool halls...the list goes on. Suffice it to say, a evening can usually be safely occupied by a jaunt down College St. However, it can get very busy, and without heading to the strip early or making reservations, you might find yourself unable to get in to the hottest of the hot places.

Unfortunately, wine and spirits are given prominence on College St. It is much easier to find interesting wine on the strip than beer. Most of the haunts along College will feature a token micro or two, such as Creemore, Amsterdam or Steam Whistle, but there are few, if any, true beer bars on the strip. However, it can be a fun time regardless.

Kensington Market is worth grouping with Little Italy, as it is right next door, on the other side of Bathurst, until Spadina, south of College St. Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most famous neighbourhoods, with a rich ethnical history. Over the years Eastern European Jews, Hungarians, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese have called Kensington Market home. This has given Kensington a unique atmosphere, one unlike anywhere else in Toronto.

Kensington really does not possess an entertainment district, but there are a number of nice restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the streets. Probably the best location for beer is a recent addition to the Market, one that furthers Kensington's cultural diversity. La Palette, a new French bistro has recently opened on Augusta, owned by a couple of individuals ex of Le Select Bistro on Queen St. La Palette is an excellent bistro, with probably the best selection of beer in the area, Little Italy included. Definitely worth checking out.

Where can I find a good brew?

Pub Name Address Phone (416)
Al Bacio 720 College St. 531-0623
Bar Italia 582 College St. 535-3621
Barcode 549 College St. 928-5012
Bellevue Diner 61 Bellevue Ave. 597-6912
Bistro 422 422 College St. 963-9416
Brass Taps Pizza Pub 934 College St. 533-4333
Cafe Diplomatico 594 College St. 534-4637
Cafe Societa 796 College St. 588-7490
Caffe Bar Azzurri 614 College St. 532-9837
The Capitol 597 College St. 534-2942
Ciao Edie 489 College St. 927-7774
Clear Spot 489 College St.  
Cobalt 426 College St. 923-4456
College St. Bar 574 College St. 533-2417
Corner Pocket 533 College St.  
Dolce Vita 612 College St. 531-0028
Eat My Martini 648 College St. 516-2549
Il Gatto Nero 656 College St. 531-0543
Kalendar Coffee House 546 College St. 923-4138
Lakeview Lunch 1132 Dundas St. West 530-0871
Lava 507 College St. 966-LAVA
The Midtown 552 College St. 920-4533
The Midtown West 558 College St. 966-6952
Orbit Room 580A College St. 535-0613
La Palette 256 Augusta Ave. 929-4900
Shallow Groove 559 College St. 944-8998
Sottovoce 595 College St. 536-4564
Sneaky Dee's 431 College St. 603-3090
Southside Louie's 583 College St. 532-1250
Souz Dal 636 College St. 537-1883
Ted's Collision 573 College St. 533-2430
Ted's Wrecking Yard 549 College St. 928-5012
Temptation 589 College St. 538-5973
Wild Indigo 607 College St. 536-8797

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