Along Queen St., from Yonge St. to Dufferin.

Many neighbourhoods comprise Queen Street West. Grange Park runs from University Ave. to Spadina and Alexandra Park from Spadina to Bathurst. And on the other side of Bathurst to Ossingston lies Trinity-Bellwoods, what is commonly referred to as Queen west-of-west. If you keep going, Beaconsfield lies from Ossington to Dufferin.

Along this long strip there are many fine pubs, restaurants and bistros can be found. The neighbourhoods are very diverse and possess many communities as you go westward. An excellent area for exploration.

Where can I find a good brew?

Pub Name Address Phone (416)
The Bishop and the Belcher 361 Queen St. W 591-2352
Black Bull 298 Queen St. W 593-2766
Bovine Sex Club 542 Queen St. W 504-4239
Cadillac Lounge 1296 Queen St. W 536-7717
Cameron House 408 Queen St. W 703-0811
Chicago's 335 Queen St. W 598-3301
Citron 813 Queen St. W 504-2647
Element 553 Queen St. W 359-1919
Epicure Café 512 Queen St. W 504-8942
Everest 232 Queen St. W 977-6969
Exit 609 Lounge and Café 609 Queen St. W 504-8356
Gypsy Co-op 815 Queen St. W 703-5069
La Hacienda 640 Queen St. W 703-3377
Horseshoe Tavern 368 Queen St. W 598-4753
Jules 147 Spadina Rd. 348-8886
Julie's 202 Dovercourt Rd. 532-7397
Left Bank 567 Queen St. W 504-1628
Mildred Pierce 99 Sudbury 588-5695
NASA 609 Queen St. W 504-8356
The Paddock 178 Bathurst St. 504-9997
Raq n Waq 739 Queen St. W 504-9120
Rex Hotel 194 Queen St. W 598-2475
Rhino Bar & Grill 1249 Queen St. W 535-8089
Rivoli 334 Queen St. W 596-1908
Le Select Bistro 328 Queen St. W 596-6405
Taro Grill 492 Queen St. W 504-1320
The 360 326 Queen St. W 593-6306
Traders 123 Queen St. W 361-6363

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