Neighbourhood: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery/South Eglinton
TTC: Davisville Subway, along the Yonge subway
Parking: Colin, Frobisher and surrounding side streets
Pub: McSorley's, 1544 Bayview Ave.
Beers: A variety of standard taps including Creemore, Smithwicks, Guinness and Strongbow cider.
Meeting people: The Cemetery hosts numerous hobbyists, brass rubbers, bird watchers, flower aficionados, etc...All seemingly willing to share their expertise. It is home to serious jogging types who do not suffer conversation lightly. Obviously respect mourners, who probably might be a bit loath to engage in light banter. The cemetery workers, recognizable in their green shirts seem to be extremely sociable and willing to engage in wit and retort.

I suggest you start this walk during the day or early evening as the cemetery closes at dusk, 8:00 PM during the summer.

From Yonge and Davisville (the suggested parking areas are west of this intersection), go south on the east side of Yonge, past the Bull and Firkin, not yet reviewed (submissions welcomed), under the bridge to the stairs for the Beltline. Proceed up the stairs and turn right at the fence. Head towards the cemetery and turn left through the entrance. Note the Discovery walks signs, these routes will take you through more interesting parts of Toronto, but not necessarily to a good pub. The cemetery is a maze of winding roads but to keep you on the straight and narrow they have helpfully guided you via painted lines on the main routes. Temporarily, walk the blue line. At the first junction, bear left and repeat the left leaning at the next fork, where a white painted road line should now be evident. Switch allegiance and follow the white. This is the main north road and will take you through to Bayview.

Around the intersection of the white route with a yellow one you will find the cemetery office. Drop in and pick up a map of the history tour. You can have another day of walking planned. Keep going along the white route. You will eventually T-junction at a traffic circle and being a pedestrian you can be perverse and walk around it the wrong way. You will the shortly notice a large white sign. Direct yourself left to the exit.

As long as you head in an easterly direction from Yonge you will find Bayview, So deviate from the path on occasion to learn something of Toronto's history. Not only is this a beautiful, peaceful enclave, but a wealth of historical and cultural information.

Once on Bayview head north to the pub.

This is a peanuts-on-the-floor pub. Food is cheap and plentiful ($3.99 lunch specials). Early evening can harbour pesky children but they disappear eventually and the pub transforms into a rather noisy, cavernous, pool tabled, hockey memorabilia drinking establishment. There is a fair sized front patio good for leashing the dog or watching the world go by. This pub is worth the trip, but don't dress up.

Heading home, go south to Millwood and proceed west, turn south on Cleveland, west on Davisville, then north on Forman to Belsize. Frolic along the grassy median west to Mt. Pleasant, cross the street and go south to Davisville Park. Angle obliquely S.W. through the park to Millwood, which will take you back to Yonge, one street north of Davisville. You should now be able to find the subway or your car provided you did not hide in the cemetery and get locked in, or decided to do an actual pubcrawl. You have walked through some of the densest pub per intersection areas of residential Toronto and if you tried to have a beer in each you would be comatose. Save the other pubs for later.

Happy wandering.


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