PLEASE NOTE: Vintages ceased importing beers in August, 2001. The LCBO now releases premium beers through themed releases every few months. Please continue visiting the Bar Towel News for up-to-date information on current releases at the LCBO.

Vintages is the premium wine, spirits and beer division of the LCBO. Each month, Vintages releases limited quantities of the world's finest alcoholic beverages. Since the Beer Store focuses on mass-distributed beers, many of the world's best beers would be overlooked and never reach the palates of Ontario beer connoisseurs if it were not for Vintages. Obviously, the focus of Vintages is on wine and spirits, but each month Vintages usually releases a handful of great beers, that usually vanish pretty fast. All Vintages beer releases are reported in the News section.

There are three levels of Vintages outlets: Stores, Boutiques, and Corners. Stores feature 120-175 new products (wine, spirits and beer combined) each month, Boutiques offer 80-110 new products, and Corners offer 25-70+ new products. Usually, the beer releases are distributed to all the Stores, Boutiques and Corners, but the quantities are quite small in the Corners. The Stores and the Boutiques are the best locations to find the very unique, hard-to-find and usually delicious beers that Vintages provides to Ontario beer drinkers.

Where can I find a Vintages location?

Store Type Address Phone (416) Lost?
Store Bayview Village Mall - 2901 Bayview Ave. 222-7658 Get Map
Store 2 Cooper St. 864-6777 Get Map
Store Hazelton Lanes - Bloor & Avenue Rd. 924-9463 Get Map
Store York Mills Mall - 2512 Bayview Ave. 444-7371 Get Map
Boutique Crossroads Plaza - 2625D Weston Rd. 243-3320 Get Map
Boutique 1121 Yonge St. 922-0403 Get Map
Boutique 1941 Yonge St. 483-8622
Boutique 1717 Avenue Rd. 785-6389 Get Map
Corner 1656 Queen St. East 691-9758 Get Map
Corner 198 Dupont St. 922-7066 Get Map
Corner 1493 Yonge St. 921-3235 Get Map
Corner 2948 Bloor St. West 239-3065 Get Map
Corner 5995 Yonge St. 221-0858 Get Map
Corner 3520 Dundas St. West 762-8215 Get Map
Corner 1 First Canadian Place, Lower Concourse 594-9040 Get Map
Corner Yonge Eglinton Centre - 2300 Yonge St. 487-4858 Get Map
Corner 1009 Coxwell Ave. 423-5213 Get Map
Corner Metro Centre - 200 Wellington St. West, Concourse 977-0921 Get Map
Corner Hudson Bay Centre - 20 Bloor St. East, Lower Level 925-1434 Get Map
Corner Manulife Centre - 55 Bloor St. West, Lower Level 925-5266 Get Map
Corner St. Lawrence Market - 87 Front St. East 368-0521 Get Map
Corner Fairview Mall - 1800 Sheppard Ave. East 491-0470 Get Map
Corner Atrium on Bay - 595 Bay St. 979-9978 Get Map
Corner 2185 Queen St. East 690-9876 Get Map
Corner Loblaws Queen's Quay Market - 10 Lower Jarvis St. 364-9114 Get Map

Recent Vintages Releases:

August 11th:

Marston's India Export Pale Ale (England), $2.95, 500mL;
Hopback Summer Lightning (England), $3.65, 500mL

July 7th:

Bank's Ultimate Curry Beer (England), $1.95, 330mL;
Elbrewery Hevelius Classic (Poland), $1.95, 400mL

June 9th:

Chimay White (Belgium), $3.25, 330mL;
Chimay Blue (Belgium), $3.35, 330mL;
St. Joseph Opiter Brussels White (Belgium), $1.90, 330mL;
Eggenberg Hopfenkönig Pils (Austria), $1.95, 330mL

May 12th:

Wieselburger Bier (Austria), $3.40, 500mL;
La Trappe Dubbel (Netherlands), $2.60, 330mL;

April 7th:

Rochefort 8 (Belgium), $2.80, 330mL;
Bear Beer (Denmark), $1.65, 330mL;
St. Peter's Organic Ale (England), $2.80, 355mL

March 10th:

Dupont Moinette (Belgium), $2.00, 250mL;
Trompe la Mort (Germany), $3.90, 330mL;
Berliner Burgerbrau Dunkler Bock (Germany), $2.85, 500mL;
Wild Irish Rogue (Oregon), $5.80, 650mL

February 3rd:

Liefman's Gluhkriek (Belgium), $2.40, 250mL;
Westmalle Tripel (Belgium), $2.80, 330mL;
Freeminer Trafalgar IPA (England), $3.95, 500mL;
Gordon Finest Gold Blond (Scotland), $2.95, 330mL

January 6th:

St. Peter's Cream Stout (England), $3.50, 500mL;
RCH Firebox Bitter (England), $3.75, 500mL;
Samuel Smith Famous Taddy Porter (England), $2.80, 355mL;
Bischoff Falkensteiner Ur Schwarze (Germany), $3.30, 500mL

December 2nd:

Chimay Grand Reserve (Belgium), $7.65, 750mL;
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout (England), $2.90, 355mL;
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout (England), $2.80, 355mL

November 4th:

McAuslan Vintage Ale (Quebec), $3.95, 341mL;
Orval (Belgium), $3.75, 330mL;
Wood's Christmas Cracker (England), $4.90, 500mL;
Petrus Winterbier (Belgium), $1.90, 250mL

October 14th:

Boon Framboise (Belgium), $4.95, 375mL;
Boon Kriek (Belgium), $4.50, 375mL;
Boon Gueuze (Belgium), $3.95, 375mL;
Van Honsebrouk Vieux Bruges Gueuze, $2.95, 375mL;
Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Oregon), $5.70, 650mL

September 9th:

Ash Vine Hop & Glory Ale (England), $3.95, 500mL;
O'Hanlon's Wheat (England), $3.95, 500mL;
Dublin Brewing D'Arcy's Stout (Ireland), $2.80, 500mL

August 12th:

Mort Subite Cassis (Belgium), $4.60, 375mL;
Marston's India Pale Ale (England), $2.95, 500mL

July 8th:

Mort Subite Framboise (Belgium), $4.60, 375mL;
Mort Subite Gueuze (Belgium), $3.75, 375mL;
Mort Subite Kriek (Belgium), $4.60, 375mL;
Mort Subite Peche (Belgium), $4.60, 375mL;
Ayinger Brau-Weisse (Germany), $2.55, 500mL

June 10th:

Kaiserdom Weizenland Weissbier (Germany), $4.35, 500mL;
Elbrewery Hevelius Classic (Poland), $2.10, 400mL

May 6th:

Alexander Rodenbach (Belgium), $3.60, 330mL;
St. Joseph Opiter Brussels White (Belgium), $1.90, 330mL;
St. Peter's Lemon & Ginger Spiced Ale (England), $3.85, 500mL

March 4th:

Wild Irish Rogue (Oregon), $5.75; 650mL;
Lindemans Framboise (Belgium), $4.95, 355mL;
Lindemans Gueuze (Belgium), $5.20, 355mL;
Lindemans Kriek (Belgium), $5.20, 355mL;
Lindemans Peche (Belgium), $4.95, 355mL;
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen (Germany), $3.00, 500mL

February 5th:

Ommegang Abbey Ale (New York), $6.00, 750mL;
Maredsous Ambre 10 (Belgium), $2.95, 330mL

January 15th:

Bear Beer (Denmark), $2.40, 330mL;
Aass Bock (Norway), $2.35, 330mL;
Traquair House Ale (Scotland), $3.95, 330mL

December 4th:

Dupont Biere de Miel (Belgium), $5.95, 750mL;
Liefmans Frambozenbier (Belgium), $5.70, 375mL;
Liefmans Kriekbier (Belgium), $5.10, 375mL

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