Bordered by Bloor St. on the south, Dupont St. on the north, Bathurst St. on the east and Avenue Rd. on the west

The Annex is a highly student populated area, off Bloor St. above the University of Toronto campus. The Annex has many grand old Toronto houses, some still occupied with families, some spilt into rooms and rented to students. The Annex regional boundaries are roughly Avenue Road to Bathurst Street, College Street to Dupont Street.

Bloor St. from Spadina to Bathurst possesses an extremely high concentration of pubs, restaurants and cafes, that seem to change every couple of months. There are the stalwarts of the strip, such as the Madison and Pauper's, but there are always new places popping up. When going to a pub in the Annex, one can expect to encounter many students, and predictable beer selections. However, the Bloor St. strip consists of many lively pubs which can easily satisfy an evening of pubcrawling.

Where can I find a good brew?

Pub Name Address Phone (416)
Bar Mercurio 270 Bloor St. West 960-3877
Bedford Academy 36 Prince Arthur 921-4600
Bedford Ballroom 232 Bloor St. W 966-4450
Black Rooster 966 Bathurst St. 516-8658
The Duke of York 39 Prince Arthur 964-2441
Ferret & Firkin 720 Spadina Ave. 962-2016
Future Bakery & Café 483 Bloor St. W 922-5875
Graduate Students Union Pub 16 Bancroft Ave.  
Grapefruit Moon 968 Bathurst St. 534-9056
Green Room 296 Brunswick Ave. 925-7850
The Idler 255 Davenport Rd. 962-0195
James Joyce Irish Pub 386 Bloor St. W 324-9400
Kilgour's Bar Meets Grill 509 Bloor St. W 923-7680
Le Paradis 166 Bedford Rd. 921-0995
Madison Ave. Pub 14 Madison Ave. 927-1722
Mayday Malone's 1078 Bathurst St. 531-8064
Pauper's Pub 539 Bloor St. W 530-1331
Victory Cafe 581 Markham St. 516-5787

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