Danforth Ave., from Broadview Ave. to Victoria Park Ave.

A view along the Danforth.
Allen's and Dora Keogh, good beer side-by-side.
The Danforth area from Broadview eastward has historically been known in Toronto as Greektown. Beginning in the 1950s, the area was populated by many Greek immigrants, many of whom set up businesses on the street that continue today. Although the actual Greek population is less than in the past, the area retains a thriving Greek atmosphere, with many lavish and delicious restaurants, bars and cafes. However, the Danforth remains a popular destination for those of Greek heritage who no longer live in the neighbourhood. The Danforth is a neighbourhood always full of life, with many street festivals such as the Taste of the Danforth and Sounds of the Danforth throughout the summer.

The Danforth is an excellent strip for an evening out, with a high concentration of restaurants and bars from Broadview to Pape. Beyond Pape, the concentration lessens, but there are a few gems further eastward, such as Sarah's and Mackie's.

Although Greece is not known for its microbrewed beers, the Danforth possesses quite a few establishments where good beer can be found. Pubs such as Allen's and Dora Keogh at Broadview have good imported draught selections, Cafe Brussel has an excellent selection of Belgian, French and Quebecoise beer, and Beer Street, the sister pub of the Granite Brewery uptown, features all their house ales downtown as well.

Where can I find a good brew?

Pub Name Address Phone (416)
Allen's 143 Danforth Ave. 463-3086
Auld Spot 347 Danforth Ave. 406-4688
Beer Street 729 Danforth Ave. 405-8100
Brass Taps Pizza Pub 493 Danforth Ave. 466-3403
Black Swan 154 Danforth Ave. 469-0537
Byzas 535 Danforth Ave. 778-1100
Café Brussel 78 Broadview Ave. 465-7363
Christina's 494 Danforth Ave. 463-4418
Dora Keogh 141 Danforth Ave. 778-1804
Lolita's Lust 513 Danforth Ave. 465-1751
Mackie's Taigh Osda 2112 Danforth Ave. 421-3375
Mavericks 804 Danforth Ave. 462-2605
Megas 402 Danforth Ave. 466-7771
Mezes 456 Danforth Ave. 778-5150
Myth 417 Danforth Ave. 461-8383
Octavia 414 Danforth Ave. 461-3562
The Old Nick 123 Danforth Ave. 461-5546
Sarah's Café 1426 Danforth Ave. 406-3121
The Only Café 972 Danforth Ave. 463-7843

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